Baking Tips

Another collection of great tips, this time all about making our scones lighter and our cakes fluffier! Thanks to everyone who contributed tips this month.


“Cinnamon is great to balance blood sugars and is very tasty! So put it in your baking and sprinkle onto porridge (delish!) add to vegetable curries too!”
Anne Russell

“When measuring out treacle or syrup wipe the measuring spoon with a small amount of oil for an easy glide”

“If you drop a piece of egg shell into your bowl, use another piece of shell to pick it out, the 2 pieces attract each other”
Deb Connor

“Use buttermilk and you’re guaranteed light fluffy scones!”
8 oz self raising flour
2 oz butter
1 1/2 oz fruit
100ml buttermilk
1 oz caster sugar

“when baking in the evening, why not have a gin and tonic? If you like ice and a slice have some sliced and frozen lemons at the ready. But don’t forget the baking!”

“When lemons/oranges are cheap, buy extra and grate/juice and freeze for lemon/orange drizzle cakes”
Maggie Smith

“Christmas bakewell tart – use mincemeat instead of jam!”
Maggie Smith

“freeze ready chopped lemon and limes”

“you can freeze buttercream”

“Chocolate cakes are more moist when they’ve been frozen and defrosted”


Get your thinking caps on for next month – tips for when going on holiday!

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