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In November, a group of our members descended on the Liverpool Empire theatre to watch Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers. Our Trips Co-ordinator, Sue gave us a write up of their evening:

“So, did you ever hear the story of The Johnstone twins, as like each other as two new pins?”

Of one womb born on the self-same day, how one was kept and one given away”.

“No, then I’ll begin…”

So begins the story, on a cold night in November, 10 ladies from WISH were enthralled, mesmerised, entertained and truly reduced to tears, by the world famous story of The Johnstone Twins. We went to see Blood Brothers in the only place that it should be seen, Liverpool.

It was a marvellous performance; each and every actor gave it their all. Maureen Nolan took the lead role as the overworked and abandoned mother of nine children; she gave an outstanding, heart rending performance and was in tears at the end (as were we all).

A show that has so many layers is bound to hit a chord or two, for people who lived through this era then it was a poignant reminder of how things were back in the days before the welfare state. A time when children played out for hours on end. The class system that treated the children of the wealthy in a different way, how being born into money ensured a life of luxury; children born into poverty could look forward to hard work (if they could get it) or a life consigned to the scrap heap. Has anything changed?

Some of us had been to see this show before, for others it was their first time but from comments made on the night, probably not their last.

Many Thanks to Sue for that write up – WISH have plenty of theatre trips lined up for 2014. We try to stick to fairly local venues with a wide range of subjects that will appeal to our members at least once. If you have any suggestions for any performances that you have seen advertised or heard about, please feel free to pass on your suggestions.

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