Book Club – January 2015

Our Book Club met at our new date, time and venue of the 3rd Sunday of the month at Starbucks, Windle Island.

Even with only a short amount of time to prepare, most of us had managed to read both of our books.

We started off with our longest book, The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton:

<em>The Miniaturist Jessie Burton Book Club review</em>

What is the book about?
The book follows the story of Nella Oortman, a newly wed bride, who arrives in Amsterdam in 1686, ready to start her life with businessman, Johannes Brandt. On her arrival, life is not as it seems inside her new splendid home, and her husband is definitely not who she imagined him to be.

What did WISH members think of the book?

Jan – “I enjoyed it but didn’t feel it was as good as the hype”

Helen – “I would highly recommend this book. Got stuck into the story & loved it. Would have liked to see more action from The Miniaturist”

Sue – “Loved it! Started slowly but by the second half couldn’t put it down. Really empathised with the female characters & wanted to know their fate”

Janette – “It started slowly & then got quicker. Didn’t want to put it down as it got nearer to the end.”

Val – “I didn’t love it but thought it was well written. Left questions unanswered at the end.”

Gillian – “Liked the description & style of writing. Thought it started slowly but built up momentum”.

Allison – “Enjoyed the characters. Beginning was steeped in details about Amsterdam, a lot of which I didn’t understand”.

What did we like?
The descriptions of Amsterdam – Some good, precise descriptions – Good Story Telling – Interesting take on racism & slavery & our changing attitudes – The feeling of suspense – Learning about trade in Amsterdam – Intrigue surrounding the Miniaturist

What did we dislike?
The ending (Too many unanswered questions) – Not enough information about The Miniaturist & the reason why she made the figures – Johanne’s behaviour! – Needed to know about The Miniaturist – It didn’t have the drama that the story line suggested. A bit bland – The ending was abrupt.

the good girl mary kubica book club review

Our average score = 4 out of 5

Our second book was completely different, yet still had the feeling of suspense – The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

What is the book about?
Mia meets Colin Thatcher in a bar after being stood up. Deciding to go home with him turns out to be an incredibly bad decision as she becomes involved in a kidnapping plot that doesn’t go to plan. Her mother is doing everything possible to find Mia whilst all the time, Mia is being held captive in a secluded rural cabin.

What did we think of the book?

Louise – “An easy read. Fast paced, hooked you in quickly. Liked the twist at the end”

Helen – “A speedy read. Wanted to keep going to see what happened. Good twist at the end”

Jan – “Really enjoyed it. Was shocked at the ending & how all the different strands were brought together”

Val – “A quick read, easy to follow. Strong with enough twists to keep interested”

Gillian – “Enjoyed it. Fast paced. Thought the characters were sympathetic & I got very involved in the story”

Sue – “Good, quick read. Exciting & disturbing in parts. Reads like its designed to be a film”

What did we enjoy?
The short chapters – The characters & the developing relationship between kidnapped & kidnapper – Characters well defined, didn’t guess the end – The developing relationship between Mia & Owen/Colin – Descriptions of life in the cabin – How the relationship between Mia & Colin developed.

What did we dislike?
Bit too easy the cat was so easy to find – Mia’s lack of memory irritated me – Some inconsistencies e.g. the gun scene at the end – Seems to take a lot from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl even to the book design

Our average score = 4 out of 5

Our next Book Club meeting is on Sunday 15th March – We will be discussing:
The Farm – Tom Rob Smith
Beautiful Day – Kate Anthony

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