Dinner & A Show – WISH hit Warrington Parr Hall

We’ve just come back from our second WISH theatre trip. This time we went to see the Vagina Monologues at Warrington’s Parr Hall. Our trips and excursions organiser, Karen was asked to tell us about her impressions of the night…

When a fellow member of WISH suggested a trip to see the critically acclaimed West End show, Vagina Monologues, earlier in the year I was very enthusiastic about signing up!

I’d heard many things about the monologues, saying that they guarantee laughter through the episodic style story-telling, sharing tales of the feminine experience through a collection of interviews with real women, and I was eager to check it out for myself.

So last Saturday a group of us had a very enjoyable pre-theatre meal at the Grill on the Square in Warrington – the food/drink was very nice (although the martini did dry up!), the company was even better.

Just before 8pm we walked all of the 2 minutes over to the Parr Hall to meet up with more of our lovely members and took our seats. Then we were off!

Vicky Entwistle (Janice, Coronation Street), Clare Buckfield (2.4 Children) and Chelsee Healey (Waterloo Road) delivered the monologues for this production. It soon became clear that the first two performers were going to steal the show as they were very well cast, displaying excellent comic timing and impersonating with aplomb! They moved easily across the difficult material – one minute making the audience fill with laughter, the next bringing silence through recollections of pain or violence. A strange piece of casting, I thought, in the younger Chelsea Davey though, she seemed to get a little flustered at times, but I think she did manage to deliver a heartfelt performance.

As I expected the majority of the audience were female, with the odd male thrown in for good measure. I found myself wondering whether they were in the first stages of the relationship and eager to please, or if they were paying penance after some mis-deed or had came along to see what all the fuss was about?…

I thought the audience reaction quite odd at times, laughing through what, I felt to be, were quite moving, intimate or sad stories: could have been due to embarrassment, a lack of understanding or the comedic way in which the stories were delivered maybe?

There were certainly fireworks during the second act when Clare Buckfield  re-lived, quite brilliantly, a 3 stage, ahem, ‘woman’s period of enjoyment’!

And we all learned something! That there are more than 8000 nerve endings in our ‘lady bits’, which is more than can be found in the lips, mouth, tongue or in a man’s ‘you-know-what’….

All in all the evening was divided into extremes of hilarity and deeply unsettling , sobering moments. Although I couldn’t say the entire show was uplifting I’m really glad I went. And it certainly made me feel very grateful for ‘my lot’ on reflection come Sunday morning.

I found out later that a percentage of revenue from ticket sales is donated to V-Day, a charity which benefits women’s charities across the world. So I hope that, in some small way at least, WISH ladies have helped make the future look a tiny bit more hopeful for some women, somewhere.

The Vagina Monologues was billed as the ultimate girl’s night in – and I think it definitely lived up to it’s expectation!

So, thank-you all ladies and here’s to our next trip…

Karen C

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