Gardening Handy Tips and Hints

Thanks to everyone who contributed their gardening hints and tips at the last meeting. We hope you will find them useful!

Rather than planting bulbs directly in the ground place them in a plastic pot first and then bury the pot. 3 benefits:
1 – bulbs can easily be lifted out of the ground without damaging them
2 – Stops them spreading all over your garden
3 – stops you accidently digging them up, disturbing them, or damaging them when you’re digging

Sandra Thompson

Cut old wellies & make mules – they’re easier to put on
Sandra Thompson

Always wear gloves to avoid scratches & infection
Sandra Thompson


Pre weeding/gardening smother hands in handcream – the soil’s much easier to wash off
Sue Morris

Dig nails into a bar of soap before gardening as they’ll be much easier to clean & put extra handcream around your cuticles, again much easier to clean
Sarah McDonagh
Use lids of fabric conditioner bottles or similar to top garden canes for eye protection. Use florist foam or plasticine inside to secure

(They come in lots of pretty colours that blend with your plants)
Sue B

Half bury guinness cans in the ground near your veg to stop these pests from eating them
Fiona Sheil & Sandra Thompson

ALWAYS have a trip switch on lawn mower
Jenny Bumford

Use coffee cups eg ‘Starbucks’ as bio-degradable planters
Angela Snell

Use mushroom containers to plant your seedlings and similar sized clear containers as the lid to create a mini greenhouse
Sarah McDonagh

Save teapots with broken lids and make decorative planters for patios & indoors

A good weed control is hot water you’ve boiled your spuds in – excellent for those tricky weeds in between paving
Sue Morris

Pinch out ‘side shoots’ – makes the main plant grow stronger but don’t compost the shoots pop them into water to make more plants
Jen Boyd

Keep an old curtain handy with your gardening tools…

  • Spread it under hedges & shrubs when clipping them back. It catches the clippings
  • Place curtain on the lawn when you’re planting or digging nearby, it keeps the lawn “clean”
  • Cover new or tender plants with it if there’s likely to be a frost
  • Drape it over your plants growing along the fence when you are painting
  • If your outside table is your potting shed cover the table with the curtain before you start seed planting, potting on, propagating etc – to clear up the mess just shake the mess onto the garden or into the bin
  • Fold it and use it as a kneeler

If you don’t then you ought to if you have a little bit of space… reduces green waste and give the slugs something useful to much on and is better and cheaper than bought composts.

Sarah McDonagh

Encorage birds into your garden – you’ll be surprised how many species there are and they held with pest control. Be warned – it wastes a lot of time as you soon become addicted to watching what they’re up to.
Sarah McDonagh



Karen C - April 18, 2012 - 10:47 pm

Lovin’ these tips, especially the hand cream before weeding. Will try this out next time!

Val - April 28, 2012 - 5:45 pm

The photos of flowers used are really stunning! And well done to the team who put the hints and tips together.

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