Handy Hints and Tips – Getting Organised

Thanks to all who contributed tips at the last meeting, hopefully these will help us all to get a little more organised!

Write everything in your diary

Put time aside to do specific jobs

Write a to do list


Organise your clothes the night before – so much easier than in the morning!

Always put house keys in same place

Place receipts in folder in monthly order

Put important post in decorative box so doesn’t get lost


Keep a birthday book

Keep a record of supper/dinner party menus – saves repetition!

Have a place for everything – if you have too much stuff it’s time for a clear out, charity or eBay!

Keep a diary, don’t put things off. Put things down for a specific time or they will never get done

Buy travel size toiletries and put to one side so that they’re ready for that last minute trip/weekend away


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