May Household Tips and Hints: The Kitchen

Another round of handy tips from this month’s meeting – We asked for your tips for managing your kitchen and you gave us loads. Some clever ladies amongst us!



• Keep handcream by the sink and use it.
• If washing up with rubber gloves (recommended) put on hand cream – the heat from the water makes the hand cream soak in more effectively



• Put a sheet of kitchen roll in bottom of bin – helps catch any leaks and bits which miss the bag makes cleaning it easier.
• Sprinkle sodium bicarb over the base to eliminate smells



• Oven – oven doors come off – makes cleaning much easier
• Oven – once cleaned mix a paste of sodium bicarbonate and water. Wipe over and leave. Looks a little unsightly but makes cleaning it the next time a doddle
• Stainless steel appliances – marks can be removed with a little baby oil on soft cloth or kitchen roll wipe over. Comes up a treat
• Taps – Pour soda water over taps to make them sparkle
• Taps – use (old) toothbrushes for cleaning behind kitchen taps
• Windows: use water with little vinegar (cheaper the better not your 25 year old balsamic ?) and newspaper to wash down and dry newspaper to polish
• Windows: clean inside in one direction and outside in another – can see where the streaks are



• Put in 1/2 lemon during wash cycle – helps clean and keep it fresh
(courtesy of Kim & Aggie)

• To clean a microwave fill a bowl with hot water and put in 1/2 a lemon
heat on high and leave to stand… wipe out with kitchen paper: great for burnt on messes


• Dish Cloth – to keep it fresh keep it in cold water with few drops of added bleach
• Grill pan – always line a grill pan with foil. Makes it easier to clean
• Lemons & limes – slice and freeze. Great for adding to drinks and doesn’t dilute like ice
• Marmite jars – great pen pots
• Oxo cubes – crumble in the foil before using – makes it dissolve quicker
• Rubber gloves – fantastic for getting difficult to open jars open
• Washing up liquid – add water to last dregs of your bottle to get the most out of it
• WD40 – use it to get rid of sticky labels (great if you’re reusing jars)


• Bin – sprinkle sodium bicarb over the base to eliminate smells
• Fridge – fill ramekin or similar with sodium bicarbonate and leave in the fridge – absorbs whiffs & pongs
• Lunch-boxes: smelly lunch-boxes can be helped by putting rolled up balls of newspaper in over night to take away the smell
• Onion smells on hands – rub hands on something metal to take the smell away


Thanks for all your tips this month – Next Month: Baking Tips

Katie Willis - October 1, 2015 - 2:53 pm

Hi, there! These tips are amazing! I am keen on natural cleaning! As a mother of two children, it is just a part of my responsibilities: to take care of then and to keep them away from all harsh chemicals in products! Happy cleaning to all!

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