Present Buying Tips

Another round of handy tips from this month’s meeting – We asked for your tips for present buying and you gave us some useful ideas for helping save money as well as giving more unusual gifts.


If you ask someone what they would like for a gift and they can’t think of anything they obviously don’t need anything so give the present money to a charity and that can be their present

Buy gifts throughout the year and store in a cupboard

Always have spare gifts stored for friends who may turn up unexpectedly

Homemade cooker gifts are always welcome

Cineworld Vouchers for kids

For those who have everything agree a price and buy each other something from a charity shop – if it’s doesn’t quite ‘hit the mark’ the charity’s benefited and it can be returned too, It’s the thought that counts so they say

Some newspapers (especially weekend ones) often have articles with big photos or adverts – if you’ve a gift of a watch, wrap it with a watch advert. Present for someone who like gardening, a photo of flowers

Christmas wrapping – use small Christmas tree decorations as part of your wrapping, or small pine cones

Use old Christmas cards to make gift tags – pinking shears and a hole punch plus some festive ribbon


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