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One of the highlights of the WISH calendar is the draw for 2 of our members to win a £50 bursary each year. The lucky members can choose how they spend their £50 as long as it is something educational and they will feed back to the rest of the group.

One of ladies from the 2015 draw, Mary has been kind enough to tell us all about how she spent her winnings. Over to you, Mary!


I was delighted to win the £50 Wish Bursary in 2015, what a lovely start to the new year.

Then the problems started , what should I spend the bursary on?  Should I find a college course to enrol onto? Not always easy when you have to fit it around work commitments. Should I learn to Salsa? Not with my two left feet !!

I debated for so long with myself I was beginning to think I would never decide !!

Then it happened , the moment that made my mind up for me.

It all happened in July on a Blackpool bound trai .Stay with me  !!  My son lives works in Blackburn and had recently bought his first house , and in the best tradition of all good Mums I needed to visit his new abode and do some motherly interfering !!!!

I boarded the train at St Helens Central, it was rather packed to say the least, but I was lucky and spotted the one vacant seat. I was like grease off a shovel, that  seat was mine. It did not take me long to find out why the seat was vacant.

I was sitting amidst a hen party from the Isle of Mann who were off to Blackpool for the weekend.

The fun soon began , I was offered a can of larger  which I politely declined, my immediate neighbour then decided she was tired of consuming lager and proceeded to swig from a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Then I was told various snippets of her life story and introduced to several equally inebriated members of the hen party. She then decided she was going to be sick, luckily we arrived at Preston and it was time for me to change trains .

When I finally arrived at my sons house and regaled my experience to him, he shook his head and said “ Mum you have a car be brave and use the motorway “.

My mind was made up, I would invest the bursary in some motorway driving lessons. A driving instructor was recommend to me by the lovely Deb Connor, the lessons were duly booked.

What can I say, I had spent years avoiding motorway driving because of an irrational fear, in the process making life difficult for myself at times, with a few hours expert instruction I had laid that fear to rest.

To quote a wise lady ::

We gain strength and courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face . Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you WISH.



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