Wi Bunting, the St Helens 10K & a massive thank you!


Well, we did it! We finished our Big Project and produced an amazing piece of bunting – even if we do say so ourselves!

Weeks Months of hard work, crochet nights and several pots of tea later we arrived at our grand total of 1325 triangles!!!

The view from the road

The view from the road

We got permission to hang our bunting on the recently named, Steve Prescott Bridge which runners in the St Helens 10K go over twice during the course. We thought it was an appropriate place to hang our work and hope that it spurred the runners on, particularly on the home run.


So 7.30am yesterday morning (Sunday) found 10 WISH members congregating at the bridge with 400 cable ties in hand and off to work we went. It took around 50 minutes to hang and covered both lengths of the bridge twice (three times in the centre). Hopefully you will agree that it was a lovely sight!

What's that coming over the hill?...

What’s that coming over the hill?…

We hung tags at various intervals, telling people who had made the bunting and why. We heard some lovely comments about how beautiful it looked too.


The St Helens 10K was a brilliant event – Some of our members took part (well done, ladies!) and some more of us have been heard muttering about entering next year’s race (Eek!) There were some truly inspirational runners from the very young, the non-so young and the people who obviously found it a struggle but battled through.

The sunshine definitely helped the 1600 runners making the atmosphere so happy.

Our lovely Jenny - Doesn't she look amazing?

Our lovely Jenny – Doesn’t she look amazing?

Of course, all of the bunting could not have been possible without the hard work of so many people – Many of our members got their families, neighbours and friends involved – We would like to thank everyone individually – We are very sorry if we miss anyone out (Please shout if you notice someone we have missed out)


So a massive thank you and a huge round of applause go to:

  • Pat Stringer (Pat has the honour of being the member that contributed the most triangles with an enormous 115 triangles!)
  • Lowton WI
  • Cath Brookfield
  • Jenny Ackers
  • Lyn C from Ruskin
  • Lucy from Attic24 who kindly gave us permission to use her pictures and her pattern (and if we are honest, her idea!)
  • The staff of Tower College – Aria F & Claire B
  • Maggie Smith’s friends
  • Joan Harvey
  • Diane Quinn
  • Lyndal McAteer
  • John Miller for being our resident photographer on the day
  • Our youngest contributor, Millie Costello age 11 with 15 triangles
  • Our team of crochet tutors who taught newbies aswell as producing their own triangles: Pam Rodgers, Val Burke, Kate Conway, Morven Duncan
  • Our members – Many of which learnt how to crochet especially for this challenge, took triangles home to sew together Louise M, Linda H, Jenny B, Deb C, Chris M, Maggie S, Janice H, Marie P, Claire S, Gemma J, Jan D, Sarah McD, Teresa T,  Joan W, Anne M, Janette H, Trish P, Faith F, Trude H and many many more. (Really really sorry if I have missed your name out!)
  • Our setting up team: Helen C, Louise M, Sue W, Anne M, Barbara B, Marie P, Morven D, Janette H, Sarah McD, Hilary B
  • The St Helens Star for publicising our project
  • The Steve Prescott Foundation especially Martin Blondel for being completely up for our crazy idea.
  • Ruskin Drive, St Helens and Lowe House for allowing us to use their rooms for our many crochet nights!

A number of people have talked about donating over the past couple of weeks and asked how to go about it … Details can be found at the Steve Prescott Foundation webpage

Our wonderful Sister Sarah!

Our wonderful Sister Sarah!


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